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hi guys, i love u all so much and hope you're doing ok. i think we've all grown very aware at this point that the world isn't in the greatest place, and it was always this way but i know i was definitely shadowed from the harsh reality of it growing up as a kid. it's easy to convince yourself that you're just one person, and you can't do anything about it, or that the people in charge are the good guys who will save us and everything will be ok... but that just isn't the case. life isn't a fairytale and peace on earth isn't something that will happen in our lifetime, if ever. and that's a pretty depressing truth. but we are here and we are alive and if we have love then we have purpose. as a young adult trying to start my career as an artist, participating and advocating for change is something i have to dedicate my life to... in any way i can. being able to write music is beautiful and healing and hopefully universal, but it isn't enough. Black people are being murdered and systemic racism is a plague, Yemen is facing the largest humanitarian crisis in the world, Trans people are yet to be seen as human, the Earth is literally melting and the clock on the future of our planet is ticking... i can go on. we are seeing all of this in real time EVERY SINGLE DAY. this is the world, and we have to do our part in making it better. safer. for EVERYONE. it's overwhelming, but i want you to realize the power you have to do something about it. it's hard to know where to start when there is so much work for us to do, but this is me making a start. please join me!!!!

Black Mental Health Matters
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Breonna Taylor

this beautiful angel was murdered in her bed by police officers who had a 'no-knock' search warrant which has now been outlawed by Breonna's law. despite this, we are still far from justice for Breonna and need to work to ensure her killers are charged with her murder. please follow the below steps to help take action: 

LoveLand Foundation

after doing a lot of research into how I can personally make a change in the fight to dismantle systemic racism, I came across this incredible organization Loveland who are raising a therapy fund to provide financial support and healing to black women and girls across America.  Please check out their work via the links below! 

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