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i wanted to make this page so that anyone could come here and share their thoughts/feelings/dreams/fears/stories/experiences... this is your digital journal. i want you to have a place to come if you need to vent or if you need any kind of support.

but also if you just got your dream job or you're having the best day of your life, come brag!!!! accomplishments are always inspiring.

 read the below letter from me to you, and take a little time to explore.

Butterfliees letter transparent backgrou
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vent box
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you can post whatever you want here completely anonymously, just get out what you need to get out and post it. if you want to write to me directly you can do that at the bottom of this page and i will read and write you back <3 love u
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click on the image below to download the zine!! print it out and you can fold it into a mini magazine!!! quarantine projects 101. 
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house of tulip
house of tulip
House of Tulip are an incredible nonprofit collective building an inheritance and creating housing solutions for the trans and gender non-confirming community in Louisiana
I wrote Butterflies about societal pressures, and the struggle and fear that coincides with growing into who you are and self-discovery in your own time. so often we are bred to believe we must know all of these things by a certain age. right now, some of the people most fiercely affected by this are transgender POC, who not only struggle with having their identity taken seriously, but also face the brutalities of racism every single day.
House of Tulip are doing incredible things to combat the battles TGNC POC face, starting with something as simple as making sure they have a roof over their head and a bed to sleep in at night. Please donate what you can.
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butterflies voice note
i want to share this so you know to never give up on an idea. everything starts from a thought, a word, a feeling, a conversation, whatever it may be!!! always run with it.
catching butterflies
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if you aren't comfortable venting anonymously u can message me here directly and spill your guts. or just say hi. whatever u want.
i'll say hi back :)
write to me

love u

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