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i made this page for any of u frens who might be dealing with any sort of emotional turmoil in your relationships. any relationship. this is your space to come and say “fuck you” to them instead of doing it to their face, or simply just to have a place to rant for any given reason. this is group closure. and just so u know, i’m saying fuck you to whoever hurt you as well. sucks to lose a bad bitch. keep shining 🚀 

love you <3

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let me know if your ex's name made it into the 'Fuck You' music video 😈

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make a Tiktok to Fuck You using your before/after break-up glow up pics and i'll add them to our gallery below <3

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you have my full permission to print these out and mail them to whoever hurt you

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everyone who made this video for me has my heart. i love u all and am so excited to be on this journey with you. thank u for everything <3

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