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after 2 and a half years of angry direct messages i've finally released our favorite song!!!! so many of you found me through 'just like you' and i am forever grateful for your patience and love while i’m buildin a little path for myself through music. 

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over the last couple of years you have all sent me so many beautiful covers of the song, so i wanted to create this page for all of them to exist on!! scroll to the bottom of this page to see the covers. i hope you see yours and enjoy everybody else’s too :’)

i love youuuuuuu 

us singing together

part 1 

we all need to learn this incredible dance

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ALSO my incredible fans came up with this cute idea to highlight something you love about your parents or a family member that is just like you :)

watch the video and post your own on instagram to be added to the gallery below 

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just like you covers gallery

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